Build It!


QBEBOT is the frame for robots presented at Maker Faire of Rome 2014. This frame has been used for WIROBO the b.e.a.m. robot programmed by wires. That version was the most complex frame, made using a laser cutter.


A brief history

The idea came after years of minisumo robotic competitions. All competitors normally have several problems to repair the robot in case of failure because of poor accessibility of electronic components or wiring. The worst case is when the electronic is mounted on two layer, one above the other.

So my thought was, why not take a cue from races of Formula Uno? In this way born QBEBOT.

The frame for robots, QBEBOT have high robustness and a rapid and complete access to the onboard electronics. Easybot can be made with several materials and can be customized in many ways. Everything depends on your imagination and your ability of realization. The best ones, can make it with the circular bases like R2D2 from Star Wars.